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Web based double-entry accounting
FibuSQL is a web based double-entry accounting software mainly
designed for private use, in the sense that it currently has no
special support for tax accounts etc.
It relies on a database to store all data; MySQL and PostgreSQL have
been tested, but others supported by PEAR should work as well. So you
need to install at least one php4 database module for the database
you want to use.
FibuSQL is only an interface to the database, so you can control as
many databases on different computers with it as you want. Thus, a db
server is _not_ installed along with FibuSQL. Please read
README.Debian how to install and use a database.
Currently, this package provides English and German interfaces and
If you use the default Apache setup, FibuSQL is available under
http://localhost/fibusql/. Please read README.Debian how to install this
package in a nonstandard Apache setup.
See the upstream page http://www.piware.de/projects.shtml for further
information and an online demo version.
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