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# English translations for FibuSQL account definitions.
# Creator: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>
# Last modifier: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>

$LANG_err_acctype = 'Invalid account type';
$LANG_err_oneroot = 'There must be only one root accout (balance sheet)';
$LANG_err_asset = 'An asset account must be a subaccount of either an asset or the root account';
$LANG_err_liabs = 'A liability account must be subaccount of either a liability or the root account';
$LANG_err_revenue = 'a revenue account must be subaccount of a revenue or the equity account';
$LANG_err_expense = 'an expense account must be subaccount of an expense or the equity account';
$LANG_err_delacc = 'Failed to delete account. The account must not contain any bookings and/or subaccounts!';
$LANG_err_delbalcache = 'Failed to delete account from balance cache';

$LANG_err_updateacc = 'Failed to update account table';
$LANG_err_changenumunimpl = 'Changing of account number is not yet implemented';
$LANG_balsheet = 'Balance sheet';
$LANG_assets = 'Asset';
$LANG_liabs = 'Liability';
$LANG_revenue = 'Revenue';
$LANG_expense = 'Expense';

$LANG_withchosen = 'Using the selected account and the following data...';
$LANG_doaction = 'do the following';
$LANG_accnum = 'Account number';
$LANG_accname = 'Account name';
$LANG_acctype = 'Type';
$LANG_createsubacc = 'Create subaccount';
$LANG_changeacc = 'Change selected account';
$LANG_noemptychange = '(empty fields do not get changed)';
$LANG_delacc = 'Delete selected account';


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