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<?php # English translations for FibuSQL administration section.
# Creator: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>
# Last modifier: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>

$LANG_err_initdb = 'Failed to initialize database';

$LANG_err_delj = 'Failed to delete journal table';
$LANG_err_delrep = 'Failed to delete table of repeated bookings';
$LANG_err_delacc = 'Failed to delete account table';
$LANG_err_delbal = 'Failed to delete balance cache table';

$LANG_err_opentemp = 'Failed to open temporary (uploaded) file';
$LANG_err_erroronline = 'Invalid file format: error on line ';

$LANG_init = 'Initialisation';
$LANG_doinit = 'Initialize database';
$LANG_initwarn = 'Attention! Deletes current database without confirmation.';

$LANG_backup = 'Backup';
$LANG_backupj = 'Backup journal';
$LANG_backuprep = 'Backup repeated bookings';
$LANG_backupacc = 'Backup account list';

$LANG_restore = 'Restore';
$LANG_replace = 'Do it';
$LANG_replaceacc = 'Replace account list by data from';
$LANG_replacej = 'Replace journal by data from';
$LANG_replacerep = 'Replace repeated bookings by data from';

$LANG_replaceaccwarn = 'deletes journal and repeated bookings!';

$LANG_fileformat = 'Format:';

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