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# English translations for FibuSQL ledger section.
# Creator: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>
# Last modifier: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>

$LANG_withcumulativebal = 'with cumulative balance';
$LANG_cumulativebalcolheader = 'Accumulation';
$LANG_ledgerxml = 'XML export';

$LANG_subaccounts = 'Subaccounts';
$LANG_subaccs_balance = 'balance only';
$LANG_subaccs_detail = 'detailed (with complete subaccount tree)';

$LANG_xslfile = 'XSL style file';
$LANG_xslnone = 'none (no formatting in web browsers)';
$LANG_xsluser = 'user defined URL:';

$LANG_genxml = 'Generate XML file';

$LANG_monthoverview = 'Month overview';
$LANG_month = 'Month';
$LANG_monthchange = 'Value change';
$LANG_avg = 'Average';

$LANG_negbalances = '<em>Attention:</em> Balances and changes of
liability accounts are negated for the sake of better readability. I.
e. a positive change means revenue.';

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