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# English translations for FibuSQL login section.
# Creator: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>
# Last modifier: Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de>

$LANG_logintitle = 'FibuSQL - Login';
$LANG_host = 'Database host';
$LANG_dbname = 'Database name';
$LANG_dbtype = 'Database type';
$LANG_user = 'User';
$LANG_passwd = 'Password';
$LANG_pwdset = 'set';
$LANG_login = 'Login';
$LANG_language = 'Language';
$LANG_decimalpoint = 'Decimal separator';
$LANG_thousandsep = 'Thousands separator';
$LANG_langbrowser = 'Web browser setting';
$LANG_proceedtostart = 'Proceeds to start page';
$LANG_takeover = 'Take over';
$LANG_takeovernote = 'To set a bookmark afterwards';

$LANG_docrefer = 'If you do not know what to do here, you are welcome
to take a look into the <a href="doc-en/">online documentation</a> first.';


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